Last updated Sept 2022

Current Ongoing work

  • 9 Roofs that the previous board approved. 5 completed by Smith Roofing
  • SB 326 Scope of Work and bids to repair has been ordered – Waiting on Final Bids
  • SB 326 Repair 22 Balconies, Stairwells
  • 7984 Wall Repair – Waiting on permits to process from the city
  • 7934 Bathroom Leak
  • Newsletter
  • Hybrid Meeting Upgrades – Investigating
  • Level all walkways is underway
  • Signs for Pools are on order and will be replaced to bring up to code- Signs on Order
  • Tree Trimming – Walk with Western Tree complete – Estimate for $27K approved.
  • PVN Office Clean Out 50% complete – CPI scheduled to make final removal of supplies

Planned work

  • Spike strip repairs
  • Mailroom Security Door
  • Landscape recommendations for water conservation
  • Pressure regulator valves on the plumbing
  • Tree trimming should happen in the fall
  • Gutter cleaning should happen after tree trimming

Backlog of items to do

  • CC&R Modernization
  • Resurface parking lot
  • Signage for Dog Run
  • Signage for Dumpsters
  • Stucco Repairs
  • Split the west end pool and spa drain to remove StingL system
  • Fix the east jets for the spa – requires tearing up the concrete.
  • 7954 add drainage to stop patio flooding
  • Composting Bins and new city compliance
  • Carport damage throughout property

Completed Work

  • Irrigation stock now received, and PG has access to it.
  • Inspected and Cleaned drains for the rainy season
  • 7954 leak fixed in water heater closet.
  • 7932 leak fixed in water heater closet.
  • Trash issues address with cleaning dumpster areas with contract addition
  • Loquat tree removed by 7946
  • All 6 gas grills inspected and repaired
  • 7950 Hot water heater replaced due to leaks – $9K expense
  • Lock for Pools updated to combination locks
  • Leak in 7954 hot water closet repaired same day by California Plumbing
  • Gas Grill near Laundry Room 1 repaired
  • SB 326 – Shoring of Balconies, Stairwells by 22Aug
  • SB 326 – Architectural Inspections completed by A7
  • Updates to Website to improve transparency