Board of Director Elections – Calling All Candidates!

It is election time again at Park Villas North and pursuant to the Association’s Amended and Restated Bylaws we hold bi-yearly elections and this year 3 positions on the Board of Directors will be open for election at the March 24, 2016 Annual Meeting. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors for a two year term, either for the first time or by being re-elected for another term, you can place your name in nomination by sending Howerton Management a brief statement regarding your qualifications and why you are running for the Board. Since the nomination of candidates will take place at the February 25th board meeting, make sure you send your statement in before Wednesday, February 24th and then be sure to come to the meeting so that you can be presented to homeowners and nominated by the Nominating Committee. This will also ensure that your name and qualifications will be included in the Annual Meeting Election Packet to be mailed out to all homeowners prior to the election. Everyone should plan on attending the February 25th meeting in order to meet the candidates.

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