Maria Flippov (chair)


     - Provide a brief written monthly report to the board, to be sent to the president, vice president, and management 1 week prior to the monthly board meeting  

      - Monitor and provide status reports on SB 326  

      - Provide a suggested schedule for regular maintenance (i.e. gutters, trees, sidewalks, drains, etc.) to the board and monitor effectiveness/shortfalls of the schedule

      - Meet at least once monthly (at the clubhouse office, over zoom, or in another mutually agreeable location), separate from monthly board meetings

– Optionally participate in monthly landscape walks with Pacific Green, and provide a brief written summary of the maintenance aspects of the walkthrough to the board (e.g. damage to paved areas cause by tree roots that must be repaired, damage to stucco by vines that must be repaired)

– If a board member is unavailable to do so, occasionally inspect architectural modifications approved by the board and completed by a member for compliances to CC&Rs, etc.

      - Monitor repairs and maintenance actions undertaken or completed by contractors and report any problems to the board.


The committee meets _____ a month at the clubhouse office on____. Homeowners are welcome at these meetings.