With SB326 the board, contractors, and management will be inspecting balconies including with respect to CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations compliance. It is important that we keep these areas clear when the work starts.

CC&R Section 19.  Unit Owners Rights to Exclusive Use Areas. Each Unit Owner shall have the following rights with regard to the patio or balcony which he or she has the exclusive right to use:

  • (i) to place patio type outdoor furniture, including two standard sized patio umbrellas in a solid color, no larger than six (6) feet in diameter which must be kept clean and in good repair;
  • (ii) to place potted plants with drainage dishes with all upstairs planters anchored so as not to cause a hazard
  • (iii) to hang one standard size rattan brown fold down screen for sun protection and to use rattan brown screening to line the inside of a balcony railing (iv) to store two operable bicycles per Unit out of view and away from balcony railing and
  • (v) to comply with all other applicable Rules and Regulations of the Association with regard to patios, balconies and landings. In addition, patios and balconies cannot be used as living areas for pets, or for storage of household items.


  • 6.1 Barbecuing and outdoor cooking is not permitted on any patio balcony or landing, nor is the storage of any flammable liquids.
  • 6.2 Exterior clotheslines are not permitted and the laundering and/or drying of clothing, towels, sheets, etc., on outdoor patios, balconies and landings is prohibited.
  • 6.3 Patios and balconies are never to be used as living areas for pets or as a place that pets are left alone nor-are they areas where pets-can urinate and-defecate or make loud-continuous barking noises.
  • 6.4 Patios and balconies are only to be used for patio furniture and plants. At no time shall these areas be used for storage of household items except in designated storage closets, and other storage boxes or containers cannot be used without prior written approval of the Board. Only patio type furniture is allowed. Two standard sized patio umbrellas in a solid color no larger than 6 feet in diameter are allowed on each patio and balcony and must be kept clean and in good repair.
  • 6.5 Cleaning of the balconies shall be -done in -such a -way as to not soil or damage the—- lower unit’s patio.
  • 6.6 All plants on balconies and patios must have drip pans and all upstairs planters must be anchored so as to not cause a hazard during normal practices as well as falling over during a wind or rainstorm.
  • 6.7 Two operable bicycles per unit may be kept on a patio or balcony and must be stored out of view and away from balcony railing.
  • 6.8 One standard size rattan brown fold down screen may be hung from each patio and balcony to protect unit against strong sun and must be kept clean and in good repair. Rattan brown screening may also be used to line the inside of a balcony railing, provided that it is cut to fit and has a clean uniform look.
  • 6.9 Lower Unit patios may be screened on top, using either aluminum framed opaque screening material, PVC, or wood frame support material painted to match the existing fence and/or porch structures. The opaque screen material must be stretched and supported in a smooth fashion throughout the length and breath of the covering. Opaque is defined as either a bronzed or dark brown wind screening type material. The condition of the screening and framing material must be maintained and/or replaced to eliminate any excessive sagging of no more than seven (7) inches across the span of the porch. There must not be any rips, holes or otherwise worn areas in view from the exterior of the unit. Patches of any such worn areas are not acceptable. As the screen material ages and wears to an unacceptable condition, the Owner of the unit is required to replace the entire screened area with new screening material.
  • 6.10 Patio or balcony floors may not be covered with tile, linoleum, Astroturf, or other floor coverings.
  • 6.12 All items, including potted plants, are prohibited from being placed on sidewalks, stairways, landings or on front porches if they are directly in/over, an area where the public might walk. Planter pots, planter boxes and all other items are prohibited from being placedĀ· on overhanging balcony railings unless (1.) the pot or box is entirely within the patio and does not protrude or hang over into the common area or is securely attached to the railing so that it cannot fall over, and (2.) the pot or planter box-must have a catch basin for the water.
  • 6.12 To prevent potential flooding, Lower Unit Owners are responsible for keeping their front door and patio drains, free of leaves and other debris and uncovered by mats or other coverings during rainstorms.

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