Screen Door Policy Amendment NO. 1

Screen Doors install over the front door of any Unit must be Centurion Precision Series 3610 Extruded Aluminum Security Screen Door in the standard dark bronze finish so as to match other screen doors in the complex. Pursuant to the rest of Article XIV Section2 of the Park Villas North CC&Rs all exterior modifications must follow the approval process and have written authorization of the Board of Directors.

Image shows the specifications of the Centurion screen door from the flyer.

The original door handles have been updated to a newer model. When replacing the door handle, you may have to widen the hole on older doors to make the new doorhandle fit into the original doors. The newer doors are a perfect fit.

Image shows the Precision Part number 2960BZ

After Market Replacements

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Prime-Line K 5438 Contemporary Keyed Security Door Latch, Black – Screen Door Hardware –

Prime-Line K 5064 Security Door Mortise Lock Insert, Heavy Duty, Non Handed , Black – Screen Door Hardware –

For some of the older doors you may have to adjust the openings for the new door lock to fit perfectly. A step drill bit is helpful making those adjustments CO-Z 10 Sizes Titanium Step Drill Bit, 1/4 to 1-3/8 Inches High Speed Steel Drill Cone Bits for Sheet Metal Hole Drilling Cutting, HSS Multi Size Hole Stepped Up Unibit for DIY Lovers Electrician : Industrial & Scientific