Vacant (chair)


      - Provide a brief written monthly report to the board, to be sent to the president, vice president, and management 1 week prior to the monthly board meeting  

    - Participate in monthly landscape walks with Pacific Green, and provide a brief written summary of the landscaping aspects of the walkthrough to the board

– Identify when landscaping is failing to meet contractual obligations, and inform the board (not landscaping) of such failures with photo evidence

      - Recommend water saving measures to the board  (e.g. capping sprinklers under overhangs for subterranean units, replacing turf areas, reducing fountain on-time)

– Assist the board in identifying any issues regarding local and state water rationing laws

      - What are the new rules for water rationing in San Diego?  Tax Breaks?

     - Meet at least once monthly (at the clubhouse office, over zoom, or in another mutually agreeable location), separate from monthly board meetings


The committee meets _____ a month at the clubhouse office on____.

The Board may establish a landscape committee to assist the Board in providing organized
volunteer efforts to ensure the Association accomplishes its landscape responsibilities. The
Committee shall conduct its business in the best interest of the Association and in accordance
with the Charter, the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, Covenants Conditions and
Regulations (CC&Rs), and Bylaws.
The landscape committee shall consist of no more than 5 members, formed as follows:
● The Board shall appoint the Chair of the committee and its committee members after
soliciting interest from homeowners. The committee can also recommend homeowners
to the Board for appointment.
● Members appointed to the committee by the Board shall be members who are in good
standing with the Association.
● Committee members appointed may be members of the Board of Directors and/or any
other Association Committee.
● Members shall serve for a one-year term, effective on the date of the appointment of
the Chair.
● Committee members can be re-appointed following the one-year term.
● Conduct walking property reviews on a regular basis (e.g. monthly or quarterly)
● Make recommendations to the Board regarding any issues or improvements to
Association common areas.
● Organize and supervise volunteer projects to improve common areas.
● Develop written detailed statements of work to correct identified deficiencies and
provide such to the Board for review and comment.
● Review any landscape inquiries, or individual requests for landscape additions or
changes with those concerned homeowner(s). The committee shall prepare any
necessary correspondence to document the meeting and make recommendations to
the Board of Directors to resolve any concerns, or to approve or deny the request.
● Evaluate the current landscape conditions and make appropriate recommendations to
the Board for review and comment.
○ Identify any deficiencies in the current landscaping maintenance and document
any required corrective actions.
○ Make recommendations to the Board regarding planting projects, maintenance
and improvements.
● The committee shall meet as often as it deems necessary to carry out the obligations
imposed upon it, unless directed by the Board.
● The Board may remove a member of the Committee, in writing, with or without cause.
The Committee may vote to recommend removal of its Chairman or any Committee
Member to the Board with cause. Vacancies created by either of the above or for any
other reason shall be filled by appointment by the Board